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Most people look at our world two-dimensionally, this means, they perceive something, and check it with another variable. For example, you look online before you go outside to see what the weather is but also look outside to check if this is correct. The human brain is not capable of connecting multiple variables, data can do this a lot better.

Thanks to our Smart Profile MarketBase, our data scientists can connect the data in many ways, which we call high dimensional. Data provides insights that the human brain itself cannot plot.

Combine this conviction with our vision ‘Realise your potential’ and you have Smart Labz! Based on collaboration with education and other organizations, the goal is to innovate in the field of market intelligence, demand generation and data management.

Smart Labz is part of Smart Profile but is operationally separate from the organization. Our data scientists fall within this department. They are currently involved in projects for both Smart Profile and external clients. Within the organisation, Labz is mainly engaged in enriching and integrating data, mapping internal processes and visualising data.

What do you want to find out?


The Smart Profile MarketBase already has the necessary special markets at its disposal, such as the ICT and Fleet markets. In addition, they are constantly working on finding, scrapping, consuming and integrating extra data into the dataset. Smart Labz is currently investigating the energy market, looking at information such as charging stations, sunroofs and network load. This is in order to be able to estimate in which areas the most energy consumption takes place. In addition, we are always open to discuss our specialization for other markets.


In addition to the integration of new data, our own data and processes are also examined. Measuring is knowing”, we say. This is how we look at and measure the statistics of our own campaigns in order to learn from them in order to work even more effectively.


We also create dashboards to extract valuable insights from the data. Data is often a mountain of information, but you can only use it when you can oversee it and get insights from it. Curious about what such a thing looks like? Take a look in our MarketViewer and see which insights you can get out of it for your company.

Besides all the projects that are undertaken for our own organization, we are also busy working for large customers in the Automotive and ICT sector. Below you will find a selection of the current projects of our data scientists:


At the moment we do campaigns for customers through different channels at the same time, such as call campaigns, email campaigns and social selling. For an effective sales funnel it is crucial to have all this data centrally available. Islanding activities detracts from the higher purpose of the sales organization. Smart Labz aggregates both internal and external data to central datasets, so that an account-based marketing strategy can bear fruit. We do this, for example, by creating clear dashboards in which a number of predefined dimensions can be looked at the activities.


The more data, the more data to store. But how do you make sure that data remains consumable and you don’t drown in Data Lake? We are constantly looking for the right distribution and processing methods to keep our growing datasets consumable. We do this, for example, by building links with CRM systems, but also by building a dynamic API shell around our data.


From Smart Labz we can think of a lot of fun things, but often a lot of knowledge has already been gathered within the organisation when it comes to data profiling. In general, many organisations already have insight into which markets they are doing better and where they are encountering more resistance. How can this experience and intelligence be applied to, for example, all companies and sectors of which you do not yet know? For example, are there connections between your most successful customers, which we can extrapolate to future customers?

It can also be very interesting to take a step back and think about what data you would like to have in the future that you can hold now.

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